Friday, October 8, 2010


The other day I was reading about the  domestic pets that we have in our homes and it got me thinking what if they were able to talk and they were engaged in a “war of battles” with each other, what would they say. This is what I came up  with:
“……Yo, they say cleanliness is next to godliness, so I guess I am inside the pearly gates serving my Master now, Look at the way I use the “loo” whenever am pressed unlike you who goes littering every place with your waste.
Yo, if 50Cent survived nine bullets and he just has one life, what bout’ me who has nine lives? I guess  they would have to employ an army of ninety nine soldiers just to maim me.
Yo, even tho I hate you I just wanna warn u this one time to be careful not to catch pneumonia with them cold nights, if you wanna sleep in the house, u may wanna holla at me n maybe al teach u one or two tricks on how to catch a rat!!!”
Yo DJ, give me a tune….bow wow, yippie yo, yippie ye…U claim u can catch em’ rats, but what are rats compared to catching em’ big cocaine thieves…yep, if u have forgotten let me remind u that I work with the national army and catch em’ drug barons like Akasha n the likes.
Yo, watch out u don’t catch em’ rabies by eating them cats everyday,  just look at how the master prepares my food everyday, the even got  “dog feed” at the local supermarket.
Yo, when it comes to celebrity status, I got a Grammy Award for that…they even got me in the white house to Obama n his family company….bow wow!!!

You decide, who killed the other lyrically?!. Dog or Cat?

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