Thursday, October 21, 2010


He might have a tattoo of his daughter on his shoulder, or checked into rehab but Eminem is no stranger to controversy. But what makes Eminem be listed among the most controversial rappers alive?
His adult life is not spared either. In one of his earlier songs Eminem raps about how he is confused on which spice girl to impregnate.

Controversy has surrounded Emimen since he was a Kid. Eminem claims that while he was a school going Kid, the other kids used to hate him and in return Eminem would hit back by rapping.
Politicians were also not left out in Eminem’s song; former vice president Dick Cheney was insulted in one of slim shady’s song.  In his relapse album Eminem also talks about having sex with Sarah Palin. When he toured in Ontario, Canada some politicians tried to ban him from the province saying his lyrics promoted violence against women.
His family members have not been left out of the controversy circle. His own mother launched a $10 m lawsuit against him for using the lyrics “my mom smokes more dope than I do” on the hit my name is. He was married twice to Kimberly Anne Scott (Kim), whom he met in High school, and in 2000, Kim attempted suicide Eminem depicted her violent death in his song “Kim”. Kim later sued for defamation.
His shows are also very full of controversy, in his early rapping years, Eminem would kick off his live shows with the Texas chainsaw massacre Act. He once made fun of the late Michael Jackson in one of his songs depicting Michael Jackson’s plastic nose surgery.
The long arm of the law has a few times caught up with Eminem and on one occasion Eminem was arrested in the year 2000 in Royal Oak, Michigan where he pulled out an unloaded gun and kept it pointed at the ground.
Recently Eminem has started to come clean especially with his latest album “recovery” where he talks openly about his drug addictions and attempted suicide, but if all that is not just part of his continuous controversy courting acts, we are yet to find out.

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