Sunday, October 10, 2010


For those of you have watched “prison Break” the series,  Obviously you are not new to the hatred and dislike that exists between the characters; Michael Scoffield and Theodore “teabag” Bagwell. Those guys are always either fighting or just trying to outsmart the other. So I decided to make things a little bit interesting and engage them in a war of words. Check it out:-


Yea, yea..I got more brains than you could ever have, Yep, I broke out of not one but two prisons n u what did you do;just jumped on the “escape train” like everybody else.  Do u know why the government is falsely accusing me of terrorism, its coz they want to take me to Guantanamo Bay, just to see whether I can escape again.
Yea, yea even when they thought I could  not obtain Scylla, I went ahead and got the whole Scylla pizza.
When it comes to extremes, I guess I am the best at it…I went from being a Civil engineer to a prisoner, to the most wanted man in America but u, you professional….yea a criminal professional, since you were born.

Yo, U know what  “fish” , I  got only three punchlines just for u…
U claim to be a genius, yet you had to tattoo a map on your body just to remember, and me, I just used my photographic memory to remember where the stash($$$) was buried. Yo, I guess I can endure more pain than u..imagine getting your hand sewed back by a vet and not using anesthesia while at it!!U claim to be  a chameleone in changing professions but look at how my resume’ reads: prisoner head at Sona , Sales rep at Gate Corporation, General’s cofider…
Who do you think can win this contest. Comments are welcome.

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