Thursday, October 7, 2010


The Proflytics has never been to Kenyan parliament sessions,  but  he is 99% certain that Parliament would never allow someone attend to their proceedings without putting on a business suit. I mean if Mike “Sonko” wore a suit to Parliament as opposed to his usual trademark  Jeans, T-Shirt and  Cap, then there definitely must be a written or unwritten rule forbidding casual clothes in the Kenyan parliament.  I was wondering how about the dress code in the white house if Kenya was this strict, I guess there is a large sign outside the White house gates  that reads:  “Wearing casual clothes in the white house vicinity is prohibited!!”.  So when I had Game in his song titled “Dreams” rap about someone who entered the White House without a business suit I definitely had to write about it. Check out the line:

“The dream of Eric Wright that’s what I’m  giving you! Who walked through the White house without a business suit!”

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