Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I guess you all know him, Rick Ross, I mean the guy is 
very conspicuous;tattoos,large frame, darks shades. 
 If the guy knocked at your door at 6pm with his 
trademark shades on, I bet you you will flea for
 your dear life for confusing him for a thug. I 
don’t blame you, that’s how gangsta the guy looks at.
 You would presume this guy, just like most rappers out 
there was battling it out with them 
cops before he officially became a rapper, but Rick Ross
 actually confirmed he was once a prison officer! 
Yea, believe that. There have been photos of him 
dressed asa police officer circulating for quite
 sometime and its until recently that he
confirmed. I guess all that bragging about being
 a hustla and his former gangsta 
life is not 100% true. But all in all I think he 
is a good rapper. That’s a bit of
info for you to chew on. Check out
 www.starpulse.com/news for more of this.

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